Wednesday, July 14, 2010

69 Roadrunner.

One thing that drives me crazy: People will build hot cars with the "best of everything", then throw in whatever 70's hand-me-down radio they have laying around. No matter how good your exhaust sounds, eventually you're going to want to listen to something else...something good.

This is a great example of what can be done in a classic car without destroying it's flavor. It's a sound system that blends in aesthetically, but stands out sonically.

The irregularly shaped and profiled dash area was handled by machining a polished black polycarbonate panel for the modern Alpine radio. A connector for an iPod is tucked into the glovebox and is controlled through the radio's faceplate buttons.

Panels were made to house Alpine's Pro components in the plastic kickpanels. None of the metal behind the plastic had to be modified in any way. With a casual glance you wouldn't even notice that they weren't factory equipment.
The biggest challenge on the driver's side was retaining 100% functionality of the emergency brake. Tight clearance, but it all clears.
The mismatched-shaped rear speaker locations required machining more polished black polycarbonate adapter plates. You'll never see them under the reworked carpet cover, but still cool pieces. (the white is just the protective plastic that comes off when you're done)

To handle the bass duties, an enclosure was made to house a 10 inch subwoofer behind the backseat. The box also serves as a mounting point for the amplifiers and trim panels.

A black carpeted trim panel finishes off the trunk area. Unless you really know what a stock trunk looks like, you wouldn't know anything was in there.

The stock style plaid trunk mat still fits perfectly back where it came from.
Nothing stereo related here. It's just a great looking motor.