Monday, November 19, 2012

1969 Honda CL350 Cafe Racer

Sometimes restoration is more like resurrection. This little Honda had been left for dead before this project began. With a little love - and of course a few modifications - it's back on the road again and performing better than ever.
This is the progress so far.
...and this is where it started. Quite the difference. Actually having an engine is a big upgrade, for example. The engine was gone through with new seals and reinstalled. A modern electronic ignition makes a gigantic difference in reliability. The carbs were completely rebuilt and rejetted to account for the open-element pod filters.
Practically every part was removed for painting or polishing (or was just removed, period). The tank got some bodywork and a new coat of metal flake paint. The "Honda" badges were shaved at the same time. Most of the wiring was redone. The 60's handlebars were ditched for a lower straight version. The damaged headlight and brackets were straightened and repainted. The dryrotted original tires were replaced with modern rubber. The control cables were also replaced for modern upgrades.
Out back, the decayed stock seat was restyled and reupholstered becoming a custom solo seat. The stock tail lights were remounted on custom brackets after ditching the rear fender. The license plate found a new home on an axle-mounted bracket. The useless rear footpegs were removed. The damaged foot controls were straightened and painted.
 This in-process pic shows the padding for the solo seat being built on the stock seat pan before the custom upholstery was added.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blacked Out 2013 BMW M5

For 2013, BMW has introduced a new M5. This one received the full blackout treatment...with a twist. Instead of simply being painted, the chrome details on this new M5 were converted to carbon-fiber instead.

This is what Darth Vader's M5 would look like. All of the lenses were tinted, along with the windows. The stock M alloy wheels were powdercoated matte black. The chrome door handle inserts and fender vents were done in black carbon fiber. Very sinister looking.
The stock grilles were swapped for black units.
The headlights were lightly tinted and a darker "eyebrow" was added to the top. The side marker light is still visible when the lights are on. Very mean looking.
This picture does not do justice to how great this looks in person. The stock handles had a chrome insert that was redone in black carbon fiber.
This picture does a better job of showing how fantastic the black carbon fiber looks in person. The ring around the fender vents is chrome from the factory. Also notice that the LED indicator was tinted to make it blend in. The tint does not effect the visibility of the light when it is working.
The rear view shows the tinted tail lights and bumper reflectors. Again, the tinting does not prevent the lights from showing through when they're working.