Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gold Technics 1200's

Custom is always cool. Sometimes, it's even the less expensive option.
Now that Technics has discontinued the 1200, new ones are selling for over $1000 each(!). For a fraction of that, you can turn a used set into something that looks and performs better than new...and makes a statement too.
This set got a custom candy gold with gold metalflake paint job. Under the lights, these sparkle like mad.
This picture really shows how shiny the paint finish is.
Along with the new paint, these decks were completely disassembled, cleaned, and adjusted to like-new spec. Then the RCA cables were replaced with a new set of upgraded and super-durable Streetwires units. The grounds were upgraded for better performance and reliability too.
The blue Serato vinyl is a good look with the blue wiring and gold finish.
This will give you an idea about what "completely disassembled" means. The paint used is automotive spec, so it should be durable and keep it's shine for years.

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