Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blacked out 2010 BMW M3

So, what do you do when you already have one of the hottest cars on the road? Make it better. The stock BMW M3 comes stock with a lot of really nice parts. The problem is that they're stock. The same parts and the same style that everyone else has.

In this case, an injection of style and attitude comes from simply cleaning up the factory style by blacking out all of the factory supplied parts. It's dramatic, but you don't really notice what's been changed unless you compare the before and after photos.


In the front, the headlights and front reflectors were tinted and the chrome grilles were painted matte black. The lighter tinting on the headlights allows them to remain completely functional.

In the rear, the stock taillights were tinted. The lighting still shines through the tinting when the lights are active, but this really cleans up the look at the rear.

The trademark "M" fender vent/blinker light inserts were painted matte black and the indicator light was tinted.
The stock "M" staggered lightweight 19" wheels were powdercoated a matte black finish.
These are the before pictures for comparison. A few touches make a lot of difference. Even on hot cars, stock = boring.

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